Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Film Photography...

I am so excited about a new little hobby I have picked up! I am dabbling in the world of photography... but don't worry, I admit I have no natural eye and minimal talent. This is entirely for my own enjoyment and I don't expect anyone to enjoy it as much as me.

In 1981 my parents bought their first camera as a married couple - a Canon AE-1 Program. It is a really great camera with manual settings where you can adjust the apeture and shutter speeds.

When I was in high school I took a photography class and learned all about how to work my parents' camera, but have since lost the complete knowledge. It has been fun playing around and refreshing myself.

These picture were on the first rolls of film I used up in the learning process. Note the film is probably about 10 years old, so that might be why they aren't great... but its also because I didn't really know what I'm doing yet.

romantic lighting

The texture of the wood is pretty cool!
This one is overly exposed... I just really like this building

messing around with the focus

again... over exposed


Anya with a jumping cactus!

Lense flare


linda t said...

Miranda, I am impressed!! SOOO AWESOME!
You have found a new passion.
Love, LOVE!

brandi76 said...

I think you have a natural talent!! They look Great!

Abi said...

I love them! Seriously!
I'm glad you're having a blast with it.

Nicole T said...

cool shots!

Kevun said...

The one from the base of the building is very Ayn Rand The Fountainhead-ish