Monday, February 14, 2011

Arizona at 100!!

The amazing Arizona sunset!
Ever since coming back from a abroad, I have been dying to become a tourist of my own state. I kept hearing from all my friends in London about how they were amazed that I saw more of their country then they had after living there their whole lives!
I was determined when I came back to become more aquainted with my own state!! I think it would be so fun to be a tourist of AZ.

TODAY marks the beginning of the celebration of Arizona's 100th birthday!!! Next year, February 14th, AZ will be a century old! YAY!!! So I think it is a perfect time to travel around my own state!!

I have formed a list of all the Arizona attractions I NEED to see and some I want to see... everything that makes AZ worth visiting. I need people who will be willing to go with me... especially on the road trips. So let me know if there is something particular you'd wish to see with me :)

- Phoenix
- Glendale
- Mesa
- Chandler
- Tempe
- Gilbert
- Scotsdale
- Arizona State Museum
- El Presidio Historic District
- Mission San Xavier del Bac
- Pima Air and Space Museum
- Saguaro National Park
- Tucson Mountain Park
- OK Corral
Slot Canyon
Oak Creek
- Havesu - London Bridge
- Mead
- Powell
Montezuma's Castle
Meteor Crater
Colorado River
- Winery
National Parks:
- Grand Canyon
- Organ Pipe Cactus
- Petrified Forest
- Canyon de Chelly
Wupatki National Monument
Sunset Crater
Havasupai Indian Reservation
Hoover Dam
Kitt Peak National Observatory
Monument Valley
Mt Lemmon
- Arizona Science Center
- Desert Botanical Garden
- Heard Museum
- Heritage Square
- Pueblo Grande Museum
- South Mountain Park
- Phoenix Art Museum
Sabino Canyon
Tumacacori National Historical Park


brandi76 said...

Our family would most definitly go with you! Hopefully, we can plan a trip this year to AZ. Then we can cram as many of those things on the list that we have time to see!

Abi said...

I'd lovelovelovelove to go with you, anywhere! Though I have to say the grand canyon would be at the top of my list ;)

Kurt and Barb said...

I've always wanted to go to Bisbee and stay at the Shady Dell....if your mom has never stayed there, she would LOVE all those old travel trailers! Make it a girls' weekend and I'm in!

Chris said...

Didn't we go to the Phoenix Art Museum on a field trip in HS? I wanna say it was for Humanities, and all the classes went.

I may have just been dreaming about it during one of Ms. Berger's lectures, too.