Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Passion 2011

My first travel adventure in this year was to the Passion Conference 2011 in Atlanta, GA.

My cousin Lyle has been going for several years now and last year he even met his wife Anya in the airport as both of them were flying home.
I have wanted to go since he told me about it last year, but never thought I would because of time and money. But after Lyle and Anya's wedding, two of the other bridesmaids, Lauren and Abi, decided to go and begged me to go as well. I thought a little more about it, but it wasn't until my mom suggested it out of the blue, that I felt God tugging at my heart to go. It was divine providence that I got my job at STA and didn't have to start until January 10th and therefore had no reason NOT to go to Passion.

I cannot begin to tell you the amazing power of the weekend! I felt that God had prepared me for weeks before for the truth I was heard. It almost like it was tailor made for me and where I was at in life... as if every message progressively worked to tear down my vices and build up the much needed "renewing of my mind."
That is exactly what I walked away with, a continuous message in my head of "renewing my mind." I took a hard look at what I fill my mind with and where I place my hopes. I realized how this life is ENTIRELY about declaring the glory of God... this is why we were created and whatever I am doing, I need to be doing it to the glory of God. So as I stated before, I walked away committed to simply turning my eyes continually to God and letting go of selfish ambition and destructive thought patterns.

Listen to this song as you read on...

Passion 2011

22,000 college students and leaders gathered together for Passion 2011!
I worship with over 22,000 other college students and leaders. Chris Tomlin, Kristian Stanfill, Matt Redman, and David Crowder on stage was beyond awesome! I stood in the presence of God and sang my heart out!
We also had the immense privilege to listen to messages from some of the top speakers in the country - Louie Giglio, Beth Moore, Andy Stanley, Francis Chan and John Piper and those were just the main sessions! In the Breakout sessions I got to listen David Platt and Ben Stuart (who was my favorite speaker and I have since subscribed to his podcasts from Texas A&M). It was a weekend of truth and so much fun!

Abi and I

Late night concert by Gungor

One of my favorite moments of the weekend was seeing Gungor perform one of the late night concerts. This band is seriously wicked awesome!

Abbi, Abi, and Lauren


Abi, Lauren, Katie, and I

Lauren and I got ready in the morning and ended up looking like this... twinsies

Sweet couple

Display for two organizations that rescue women for sex trafficing
During the conference there was a room dedicated to different charities and ministries that serve all over the world to rescue people in sex-trafficing, provide clean water to communities in India, building homes in Haiti, Bibles to South America, and sponsoring kids all over the world through compassion international, among many others.

the students gave enough money to build over 20 wells in India to provide clean water! Thank you Jesus!
This is the exact spot where Lyle and Anya met exactly one year ago after Passion... they have been married 7 weeks.
When Lyle, Anya, Abi and Lauren dropped me off at the airport to fly home, we parked and went in to visit the Atlanta Bread Co. where Lyle and Anya first laid eyes on each other. It was at this very table were they first saw and spoke to each other just one year ago.

Me, Abi, Lauren, and Anya!
Just before I flew home
I am forever changed by this experience, and cannot think of a better way I could have started this new year!


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Sweeeet song Miranda! Just what you need to hear this afternoon. Thanks for posting that.

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Ha, Just what I needed to hear!!!