Friday, September 12, 2008

Had to buy a new backpack... some genius at the Jansport decided to make a backpack more comfortable by putting a liquid gel in the straps... too bad the gel is red and it leaks ALL OVER my clothes when I wear it!!! so I bought a new backpack at Walmart today. I also went around town looking for "The Allegory of Love" by CS Lewis (I need it for a paper I'm writing for school) only to find that it is no longer in print... suck!!!
So I'm wondering if anyone owns it, and would be willing to let me borrow it? Let me know ASAP.

Also there is a leak in my bathroom sink, so everything under my sink this morning was covered with water... it's now 6 hours after calling apartment maintenance and NO ONE has even called me back. I really don't appreciate this apartment complex. I miss Glenwood Terrace.

At work this morning I found out my boss is resigning... (I will refrain from making a smiley face - but I think you all know how I feel).

Also had a meeting with the lady in charge of study programs in England... and everything is looking rather promising for me and the spring :) I will be turning in my application with my application fee, transcripts, and letters of recommendation from two of my professors in the next couple of weeks. The deadline is Oct. 1st and they said I would hear if I got in the next day... so cross your fingers and of course - pray :) I am trusting God in his plan, but I want to let you all know, I am way to excited about all this, so if I don't get in, I may cry for several weeks... and then apply again for the fall of '09.

I am now going to go clean my house... and if you're lucky you may get pictures of the apartment on here in the next couple of days :)


Skerrib said...

That's terrible about the backpack! I expect so much more from Jansport than leaking red gel. Ew.

Skerrib said...

PS--it doesn't sound like you have a lot of time on the paper, but just in case:

Jason Ellis said...

remanda- 2 things
1. pick a song, that's all I'm asking
2. when do I get a copy of your music
3. I would like to hang with you sometime- jamba, lunch let's get together just to catch up
4. when you find that book by CS lewis, tell me if its good