Tuesday, September 09, 2008

don't know what to eat...

Just biked home from school and I have about 45 minutes till I have to go to work until 11pm... ugh. I am completely famished seeming as on days where I'm at ASU I don't eat lunch... I actually rarely eat all day because although I wake up early enough to have breakfast, I have no time to actually eat with last minute homework to organize. I even stayed up till 2am last night doing homework and there was still more to be done this morning. So now, here I sit trying to figure out what to eat. Nothing is coming to mind that doesn't require me to spend money or spend time preparing. I understand the college student menu of mac n' cheese and PB & J. I fear I will be gaining the freshman fifteen at the age of 23 (almost 24) with all the processed or fast food.
I feel MUCH better about school. Over the weekend (with all the work I had to do) I made it a point to remind myself of why I went back to school. NOT appearing on the list are: 4.0 GPA, best in my class, impress my professors, etc, etc. So why am I FREAKING out about these measly beginning of the semester assignments. The reason I went back to school was because I loved learning and I really wanted a bachelor's degree. If I'm not enjoying the learning process than why am I doing it. After I talked myself through that, I also took time out of homework (ie. procrastinated) to spend time with God. I read my Bible, went to college group... I spent time with family and friends... had a really great conversation with a friend over ice cream, and during that time I made it a point to not think about the need to be getting my homework done... and do you know what happened? As I sat down to write both of my papers sunday afternoon, I had this flood of peace and completed both papers with no trouble. Then today in my History 101 class my professor cancelled the quiz and let us out early. This allowed me to finish my reading for my next class REL 494, which I would not have been able to do otherwise, and then I arrived at my next class and that quiz too was postponed. Sweet!! I am in for yet another busy weekend of homework... there is no rest for the scholastic.

Also realized that my bike isn't as pretty as the other bikes on campus... I want this bike... with a basket and streamers.


kristen said...

I too have been eyeing a bike like that...who needs a "mountain" bike if there are no mountains. Thats what I tell joe! He laughs at me and yet I still hope I will own one oneday maybe a baby blue one!!

Skerrib said...

I like that bike! You definitely need streamers.

Ya gotta eat (but I'm sure you know that). If you have trouble staying awake in class (like I do), watching the carby-carbs will help. Keep a bunch of easy stuff on hand...fruit, baby carrots, almonds, trail mix (mmmm, trail mix) sandwich stuff (deli meat & cheese etc). Then pack a lunch for all day. Fabulous.

My all-time favorite, PB & banana, is calorie dense, but decently healthy if you need something to hold you for a while.

Mmmmm...I need to go eat now. Yum!

Skerrib said...

PS--you are SO WISE to take time out like you did. Good job!

AmyKristen said...

Miranda, I'm so glad you're feeling better about it all...and more at peace! I'm sorry school hasn't been all fun and easy like we sometimes wish. But I'm proud of you for realizing that you were focusing on the wrong aspects of it. Yahoo! And the bike is adorable. I love the color. Mine looks very much like that (with a basket but no streamers). I'd loan it to you because I'm mad at biking, but the bike is in California. Love you Miranda!