Sunday, April 06, 2008

My weekend...

It was so much fun this weekend... completely crazy and busy and tiring, but so much fun. Saturday alone felt like three days all in one. It started with a princess party!! My mom's blog has some cute pictures and I am at the mercy of those who had a camera there, because I did not.
It was such an amazing party. All the little girls of course came dressed in their best princess garb and boy were they cute!! Little girls ages 3 - 8 all gathered into one of our church sunday school classes with their "escorts" (mom and or dad). I waited hidden away to be presented to the little girls, but only after they heard an amazing Princess Story. Nicole Hunter told the best Princess story ever, because it's about me and about every little girl. It's about how our God loves us so very much and he created us to bestow his love upon us... But like every Princess Story there is a bad guy and the bed guy in our story is Satan himself, who wants nothing more than for us to feel lost and unloved and seperated from God. But just like every Princess Story we have a Hero... Jesus. And he is here to rescue us and save us and love us!! But the story doesn't end there... oh no, our princess story is quite special because God is the King of Kings and if we believe that Christ died for us and is our Hero and our Savior we are adopted as daughters of God and therefore - PRINCESSES!!!! And God is going to someday come and take us to His castle in heaven and unlike other Princess Stories, our story doesn't end with Happily Ever After, because our story never ends... because we get to live for eternity in heaven with our Hero!! I cried through the whole story!!! I love my princess story!!! I am one of those little girls who always dreamed of being a princess and although I always knew that I was one because God was the King of kings, as I get older the idea takes on quite a different meaning. Because I am a woman now and desperately wondering where I fit in the world... wondering if I am beautiful and if I will have a hero to come and rescue me and love me... and I need reminding all the time that Jesus Christ is my Hero and the lover my heart longs for and that I will not find what I am looking for anywhere else but in the arms of my Father, the King of kings.

After the story I came out and got to do something that made me so happy - to got to pretend and play princess with a bunch of little girls... They followed me everywhere and I told each of them over and over again how beautiful they are. They kept asking if I was a real princess and I said, "of course I am... and you are too - remember?" And they would smile and ask to see my shoes... seriously, every girl kept asking to see my shoes - they were silver and sparkly, but I think next time I need to get glass looking slippers, because I think that is what they were expecting. I felt like a Disney Princess and Disneyland!! Getting to make these little girls dreams come true was one of the coolest things I will ever get to do. These little girls were so precious - I couldn't squat down to talk to one of them for very long because every time I did, three other little girls would cuddle up onto my skirt to sit next to me - it was a complete blast!!!

Then Saturday evening I had a dinner with a bunch of friends at California pizza kitchen in honor of Meredith's birthday!! It was a great time. After dinner we picked up cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory and sat on one of the lawns and talked and laughed and probably disrupted the tranquility of the Biltmore with our loud voices and hysterical laughing, but hey - that's what we do.

Then right after Meredith's party, I headed out to Tempe to the Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar for Laura's Bachelorette/Birthday night out!!! Now that was fun! The Big Bang is a great place because they just play music and everyone sings and it's really loud and they have great Mai Thai drinks. We were there until around 2:30am and then Laura spent the night and we slept until around 11:30 this morning. It was such a great time. I haven't gone out like that in a while, and I felt so young - which again I haven't felt in a while. The down side - all the drunk guys who think you're drunk too and so they talk to you like they have a chance... bless their hearts!


NanAZ said...

You do look beautiful, even when you're not dressed like a princess. And I really look forward to the day when God sends that perfect someone to share his life with you. Until then, I'm glad that you can be an awesome visual reminder of how God sees us all.

What an amazing gift you gave those girls!

Nicole T said...

I am so glad you got to have a night out. Its sounds like it was great I am sorry I couldn't join you all.
You were the hit of the princess party! The queen of the princesses if you will.