Friday, April 25, 2008

I can tell it has been a long time since my last blog entry, when I have to log in to the site again... usually it remembers my password.

It has been a while since I have felt like "blogging"... with everything happening with my family, Papaw passing, and work, I don't feel like there is much in my life I want to share - at least nothing I felt was worth sharing on a blog. Hard to share your heart through the internet. But I am back and will hopefully have much to offer you.

I got my acceptance letter into the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences with the major of interdisciplinary Liberal Studies. I still have to set up and appointment to sit down with Advising and discuss what I need and what I will need to start in the fall, but I at least got farther in the process than 3 years ago (when they lost transcripts and admissions checks). When I began the application in February, I really had a hard time getting excited about school. I knew I wanted to go, but the fear of being a student again and getting back into the groove of homework and studying and paper writing started to really make me doubt what I wanted. But like I said, slowly God has made it very apparent that I am ready to move on from Instructing Massage and return to my original plan of finishing College. I am only two years away from my Bachelor's. Hopefully in the next week or so, I'll have clearer direction with what my next step in life will be.

Aside from work and school - I am going to Disneyland in a little more than a week!! YAY!!! You'd think that with the frequency that I visit the happiest place on earth, that it may have lost it's luster... but far from it!!!! I am so excited. This trip is gonna be extra special because I am going with Simon and Adelen!!! Teresa is taking them and wanted me to come along... and of course I did. I was Simon and Addy's nanny for a year right before I became a full-time Instructor. I use to watch Disney movies with them all the time and show them pictures of my trips to Disneyland so they could see the castle and Mickey and Sleeping Beauty etc. Addy LOVED looking at the pictures and asked who lived in the castle and if Peter Pan was really there. You have no idea how excited I am to get to see Disneyland through their eyes. I have never been with little kids - I am gonna get to see side of disneyland I haven't seen in almost 15years. Teresa let me make all the plans so we are staying at the Anaheim Camelot Inn and Suites right across the street from the park entrance. There is a fourth floor balcony pool area that you can have a view of the fireworks every night over the park. The weather will also be lovely (70s and 80s). I am so excited I can hardly stand it... just to get to play for 4 days with two of my favorite kids ever!! and Teresa and I of course will have such a blast!!


Nicole T said...

I want you to come over before you go! We haven't seen you in a while. call me! Emolyn misses you!

linda t said...

You GO girl!!
GO have FUN at Disneyland!!
GO to ASU and complete your education!
GO follow your dreams!
Love you dear daughter of mine!

NanAZ said...

Andrew's sister is a part time nanny in So Cal and the little boy's parents bought her an annual pass to Disneyland so she can take him there.

She also bought passes for her son, Kaitlin (Andrew's sister) and her boyfriend for Universal Studios so they can go there too.

Talk about a dream job. How fun is that!

NanAZ said...

I'm excited to hear that you're following your dream and going back to school. Do you have an idea of what you want to do for work after that?