Sunday, June 26, 2011

Disneyland 2...

After New Orleans Square you are on your way to Critter Country.

Critter Country!
I always forget about this land. It is very small and only has two rides. Since Winnie the Pooh ride was introduced a few years ago it has become mainly dedicated to Pooh stuff. In the middle of the land you can meet the Winnie the Pooh characters - Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore.
  Splash Mountain - I am not a huge fan of Splash Mt because the line is so long and you get wet... I haven't gone to Disneyland in the summer for quite some time, so getting wet in cool weather is not on the top of my list. Splash Mountain has somewhat of an interesting history. First off, the story of Brer Rabbit is actually rather controversial and sort of racist. Of course the ride took out anything offensive so don't worry about it. Also, several of the animatronic characters throughout the ride are re-used from a previous attraction in the park. The part of Splash Mt where the animals are singing on a river boat use to be apart of America Sings, which was an attraction from 1974 to 1988.
Watch out in the middle of the ride as it starts to dip up and down, you'll get more wet there than on the big drop.
  Winnie the Pooh - While you're in Critter Country, don't forget to go Pooh... hahaha sigh, couldn't resist. It is much like the kid rides in Fantasyland. It took over the space that use to be the Country Bear Jamboree. You basically ride around in the honeycomb and watch a story of Winnie the Pooh unfold. As you enter the room right after the psychedelic heffalump and woozle room, look up and behind you and you can still see the three heads of the Max, Buff, and Melvin on the wall.

  Hungry Bear RestaurantThis is definitely a favorite of the park. It is simple burger, fries, chicken sandwich, etc. There is seating right on the Rivers of America. Very easy eating and great for kids.

Frontierland is home to one of my very favorite rides - Big Thunder Mt Railroad! It is modeled after the old west and has saloon style buildings for the restaurants.

  Big Thunder Mt Railroad - It is a train style roller coaster and dubbed - "The wildest ride in the wilderness." It is great both during the day and at night. My favorite time to ride it is at night when Disneyland is decorated at Christmas. As you head over the highest point of the ride you can see all of New Orleans Square lit up with Christmas lights.
Note: DO NOT sit in the front of the train. It goes the slowest and as you dip down one of the drops you don't go nearly as fast as you would if you were in the back.
** Hidden Mickey is at the beginning of the ride as you ascend up the tracks, to the left of the train is a set of 3 wagon wheels in the shape of Mickey's head.
  River Boats - Take a ride around the Rivers of America on either Mark Twain's river boat or a pirate ship. Also, some times the Pirate Ship is simple parked at the dock and you can take a tour. There are also canoes you can row around the waters. I don't understand why anyone would want to row a canoe around a theme park... but they are there if you want.
Shooting games - I have never taken advantage of any of the shooting and arcade style games in Frontierland, but they are there if you want them.
Bill Hill and the Hillbillies - This is pretty entertaining show, so if you have time check it out. I was pulled up on stage once to be apart of it... pretty fun stuff!

  Golden Horseshoe Saloon - never eaten here.
  Big Thunder Ranch BBQ - At Christmas they have reindeer here that you can pet.

More to come...

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