Friday, April 30, 2010

finals have stolen my soul...

I am coming upon the end of the semester... Summer is almost here and I am more than excited to have this summer to work and plan fun things to do!! I am determined to have fun this summer!
Due to my stress with finals and papers and whatnot that ends this semester, I have found it hard at nights to fall asleep... so last night I turned on the TV and flipped to PBS (you know, so I could bore myself with antiques roadshow or something - no offense Mom and Nancy). But to my delight, Rick Steves (I know Amy) had his travel show on and they were visiting YORK, ENGLAND!!! I have been to York... you all might remember Phoebe and my little video "Total Eclipse of the Heart" - it was filmed there! I was grinning like an idiot the entire episode see all the places I visited and seeing all the beauty of the city again! It got me to remembering Fountain's Abbey, The Bronte House, ghost tours with William Shatner (our tour guide looked and kind of sounded like him) around York where Rick, Brie, Tyler, Victoria, and I tried to scare ourselves! SO MUCH FUN!!! I missed it so much!
So I woke up this morning excited to watch Phoebe and mine's video... and then I moved on to watching all our videos again. I do this probably every couple of weeks and laugh hysterically cause they are so hilarious and were so fun to make!
I tried to upload the videos on to this post, but I can't... But I could only upload 2... so here they are

Europe #1

Europe #2

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Amy T Schubert said...

hahahah! Oh, Rick. Always showing up when we need him the most ...