Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I just did a cartwheel in the ASU Library...

Seriously, I did... I was feeling antsy from sitting my my cubical desk for the last 4 hours, that I had to get up and move around... I had an incredible urge to do a cartwheel and I did, and it was beautiful! Perfect 10!!!

I am trying to finish my BIG paper for my History 498 class tonight, because the rough draft is due tomorrow. Over the last several weeks I have written 8 pages of it and done outlines and research. The paper is required to be around 20 pages (no less than 10 and no more than 30), but as I began writing the paper, I realized it is not a matter of pages with me, it is a matter of content. I don't know why I do this... I always freak out that I won't have enough information to fill 20 pages! But low and behold, I am on page 17 and I have a good 5-10 pages of information left to write. Actually if I average a paragraph to be a page long, I have 12 pages left... not I may not end of writing on all the paragraph topics I have outlined. Luckily the paper is a rough draft, so I am simply writing information, I'll read through it to make sure it isn't sport any grammatical errors, and then I'll turn it in tomorrow and leave the major editing to my professor, and possibly me sometime next week. I am hoping I get it all done tonight so I have a whole month of editing and revising and not further research and lengthening.

But it is 8:30pm the night before my paper is due, as I said I am 12 pages away from completion, and what am I doing??? Updating my blog. I am a horrible procrastinator, but I just cant bring myself to break the binding of any more books for the next several minutes.

So where have I been the last several months?? Well, not in England, that is for sure. I have been home, living the college student life, back home with the parents, and trying to work 2 jobs (only a total of 20 hours a week - it's not that bad). I feel like after 6 months of exciting adventures, exotic locations, and a plethora of pictorial memories, being back in Phoenix and living my daily life is nothing to write on a blog about. I actually don't know how many people are even reading this right now, seeming as I have nothing exciting to share that involves breathtaking architecture, historical significance, or my lovely face in front of some famous European Landmark... what use am I anymore to the blogging community?? (if you have made it this far into the blog, please comment on the post for me so I know I am loved still :))

As my lack of blogging wore on, I became increasingly daunted by the prospect of possibly bring you up to speed on my summer events, school dealings, and work tales. If you are wondering, I went to San Diego with Kendra, Wisconsin with my mom for my cousin Erica's wedding, my friend Teresa got married!!!, and my family went to Disneyland... those are the events that stick out as even half way fascinating, but I won't begin to go into detail about each of them, or post pictures from the events because it may cause me to stop blogging all together due to stress. If you really want to see pictures, they are on my facebook and I am sure I am facebook friends with all you readers.

So what do I share now?? School stuff? I am registering for the spring semester at ASU and it sucks because the classes I wanted filled up WAY TOO FAST so I am left a little stressed about what I am going to take and whether I will like it or not. I am writing this thesis paper of the Protestant effort to save the Jewish people in France during WWII... I am reading children's books in my children's lit class... we had a Harry Potter Party last week that was actually pretty fun!... I don't like my Old Testament Bible class because the professor is arrogant... My broadway musical class online makes me miss high school theater, and my Tudor Monarchy class has caused me to purchase more of Philippa Gregory's novels and watch Showtimes "The Tudors" all over again. Its been a good semester so far actually.

I am working as a Nanny two days a week for a 7 month old little girl named Olivia... and I am also working at Apartment Life as an admin assistant for 10 hours a week... I get to do the hours whenever I want and I am being sent to Dallas next week for 2 days to train, so you may get a post on that :) Work is nice :)

Well, back to writing my paper... wish me luck and pray for my sanity! And again, if you got this far in reading, please comment so I know I am writing for someone, or else I will probably not blog again for quite some time :)


Laura said...

I saw your post of facebook and got excited to come read your thoughts put into words because I miss hearing from you! I totally understand how school takes over your life - I stopped communicating with several friends during the last 2 years of college because of all the work! But anyway, I can't wait til we can hang out - I miss having you as a regular part of my life! I like the title by the way and I love you! See you soon...?

Elizabeth said...

Miranda, what made your blog so much fun wasn't all the exciting places you visited during your world travels - it was the way you wrote, your insights into life, and your personal journey. That being said, you need to keep blogging - for yourself and for the rest of us. Anyone (of the grown up persuasion) who is doing cartwheels in the library has a life worth sharing. :-)

leonore said...

Yay an update!! I totally know what you mean about being back and not having anything to write about. But I think I should follow your example and start blogging again soon as I finish my National Novel Writing Month Novel! hahahf

NanAZ said...

Yes, Miranda - you are loved and missed in blogdom. I agree with Elizabeth's comments. If we all had to go to exotic places to be blog-worthy, there'd be a lot less blogs in the world.

Keep it up because I read each of your posts.

Judi said...

I'm here, too. I remember my struggle to even begin a blog. I deliberated a long time over whether or not I had "a blog worthy life." It was your mom's sharing at the women's sneak away day retreat that helped me decide to begin. She shared about how we all have our own stories, and how we are meant to share our stories with each other, and how sharing our stories just might help someone else make sense of their story.

So, yes! Keep blogging! If not for those of us on the fringes of your life, then for all your friends and family in other parts of the country and world. We love reading what you're up to. We love reading about things like doing cartwheels in the ASU Library!

Stephanie said...

Yes indeed, you are missed and loved. You have so much to offer,Miranda, and you needn't blog from England to be a wonderful, fabulous and fascinating person. Although let's face it, fairy tales are always fun. But most of all we just love YOU!

Now back to my NaNoWriMo novel--so fun to see I'm not alone on the long and arduous writing journey. Arrgh. Just look at all those words I wrote...I wish the novel went that quickly.

Love you Miranda!

linda t said...

Wow!! The people have spoken... your Blogdom awaits you... I mean, your next post... hanging on to your every word.
Come on Miranda, keep em comin!
Your life matters... heck, we love livin vicariously through YOU!
Love you Lucy,

Skerrib said...

Yep, still reading. Please keep writing!