Saturday, August 15, 2009


- Im house sitting for Terry and Nancy and am absolutely LOVING IT!!! Sat out by the pool today trying to even out awkward tan lines - now Im in my sweats watching Titanic on TV... bliss!
- finally found my dress for my cousin's wedding in a month - Hence the tan line debacle... the neck line is not forgiving to strap lines.
- I start ASU one week from Monday!!! I am different than most students I think because I CANNOT WAIT!!! I am SO excited for all my classes this semester! I am also actually looking forward to structure in my life... I am loving being able to relax and laze about most days, but I need something to occupy my mind now and am ready to have homework and reading and classes to go to.
- I started a job this last week. I am a nanny for a precious 5 month old little girl named Olivia! I am only there two days a week (mon and wed) but it is a great job and I think will really work out well with school. She sleeps for a good 3 hours while I'm there, so that is prime homework time! When she's awake she is so cute and funny!
- I want to die my hair red... I am trying to decide if I should wait a month until after my cousin's wedding, or before - ideas?
- I miss Greek Food! I had lunch at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant and realized how much I need to incorporate more Greek Food into my regular meal rotation... mainly just the feta cheese - YUM!
- Terry and Nancy's cat Shredder keeps meowing at me. I will come out of the bathroom even and she is usually sitting outside the door waiting to meow at me. I don't think she likes me being here.
- Oldnavy jeans are on sale and I may head down there tomorrow to check them out!!
- It's my best friend Kendra's birthday tomorrow!!! She is turning 25!
- there are several movies in theaters I want to see right now!
- Did I tell you how excited I am to be starting school on the 24th!!! I have even gotten a couple required books under my belt because I am THAT excited!
- speaking of books, Half Priced books is just down the road from where I am staying and I think I will need to head down there to get some new reading material!
- Like I said, Im watching Titanic, and I wonder whatever happened to Bill Paxton... not that his acting talent (or lack there of) is greatly missed, I'm just wondering.
- Amy Schubert! You will be excited to learn that I am really into Mad Men right now... I'm half way through the first season and I am loving it. I wish people still dressed like that even today... the dresses are beyond fantastic!! and the hair!! and the make up!!
- I am excited to have my appetite fully restored! I love food and it makes me sad when I can't eat it!
- I am working on editing the last two videos of Phoebe and I dancing our way through Europe... so those should be coming in the next week or so :)


Amy T Schubert said...

I read somewhere that the costume designer for Mad Men was coming out with a line of clothes .... BEYOND excited!!!

kristen said...

I am having the same thought...should I drastically change my hair before or after Erica's wedding. I have an appointment but not sure what to do! I am thinking red also, crazy!

NanAZ said...

It's not that Shredder doesn't like you there, it's that she doesn't want to be separated from you for even a few minutes, so has separation anxiety when you close the door on her. She really LOVES to be with people and will follow you around until you settle in somewhere. She will usually make sure that she's in the same room with whoever's in the house. I'm sure she loves having you there to keep her company. Thanks!