Friday, July 03, 2009

From Naples to Athens and Athens to Greek Cruise (Day 7 & 8)

Our journey from Naples to Greece was QUITE A TRIP!!!

We began our adventure at the Naples airport, which we got to with time to spare and a little nervous about catching our connection in Milan WITH our bags (since we had to check them again). I had this horrible fear that we would not get our bags and would have to get on our cruise ship without ANYTHING!
When we checked in the belt behind the check in counter was broken so we were told to just put our bags in the corner on the room... suspect, but other people were doing it, so I trusted God with my life and my bag.
I do have to share with you that Phoebe and myself have this thing that we do one EVERY escalator we are on... if you have ever seen the movie Dumb and Dumber you will remember the part where Jim Carry pretends to be running while sitting in the car with the scenery whizzing by outside his window... he looks over at his friend and yells, "I'm running at an incredible rate of speed, Harry!" So Phoebe and I do that to each other on escalators... it's lame, I know and you sort of have to be there... and be either Phoebe or myself to think it's funny... but we also have pictures

We get to our gate and I'm ready to board my plane... unfortunately a couple hours go by and it is 10 minutes till our plane is supposed to TAKE OFF and NO ONE had arrived at the gate to begin the boarding process!!! Nervous face

Finally someone comes to the waiting area and notifies us that our plane hasn't even left Milan to get to our airport. WHAT!!!???? So our plane is basically delayed 3 hours!!! Phoebe and I realize there isn't a chance in Hades we will get our connecting flight, so we run to check in to see if they can book us on another flight from Milan to Naples!! They politely tell us they can do nothing for us in Naples and we'll have to wait till we land in Milan to see if there is any other flight to Athens that day. WHAT!!!??? We needed to be in Athens THAT DAY in order to get on our cruise at 8am and they are telling us there may not be a flight till the next day from Milan to Athens... heart attack!
Phoebe and I can do nothing, so we go back and wait for our plane.
When we get to Milan Phoebe and I become Olympic runners and have to run around to 3 different desks and wait in 2 different lines before someone is FINALLY able to tell us what we need to do. A wonderfully, kind, overworked man gets us on a flight to Athens by 7:30pm which will arrive in Athens at 11pm Athens time... fine with us. BUT one of us has to go down and reclaim our luggage and check it back in while the other one of us has to wait for our tickets to be approved... DIVIDE AND CONQUER! Phoebe and I are amazing!!!
(side note: while I am waiting in one of the lines a lady who looked fine one minute suddenly goes into a fit of hysterics about how her pills are in Athens and if she can't get to them by tonight she'll pretty much die... but once they get her a new ticket, she is right as rain again - ugh! Then another gal who was behind us begins to inch in front of us as the line moves forwards... she also proceeds to groan randomly in a rather dramatic way to let us all know she is in a hurry... she then asks the lady in front of us if she can cut in first cause she needs to get on a plane... YEAH LADY WE ALL DO!!! and she was supposed to be behind us anyway, so I step forward and in my most intimidating voice say, "excuse me, we were ahead of you, so if you could please move back." "oh sorry, yes you were in front" she replies. DANG RIGHT I WAS! Tensions were very high.)
So Phoebe and I finally got past security and were safely at the gate to our new flight... a better airline too... sweet vindication!! And who should greet us at our gate?? but lego Hagrid
a sign from God that all was well from here on out...
We were on our way to Athens... the country I had been SO EXCITED about since Phoebe and I began this trip!!! On our flight we were served a great Greek airline meal by a flight attendant who Phoebe swore was gorgeous enough to be a Greek God himself.

(sorry no pictures of the greek god... I thought that would be weird)
When we arrived in Athens, we grabbed a cab to our hotel which was right by the port and walking distance from where we would board our ship. It was quite a long and expensive drive from the airport... but worth it since it was almost midnight. The Cab driver was nice enough except for the smoking and the condom conspicuously seen in his cup holder... I'm sorry is that often needed in the cab?? Scary Larry!

Phoebe and I awoke the next morning SO EXCITED about the cruise!!! We raced down to Port PIraeus ready to start the best time ever!!! After the stress of the day before, I was so thankful that we even had made it... seriously Phoebe and I were prepared for the worse and were discussing what we would do if we didn't make the boat... we decided we would have gone to Rome for 4 days instead... it would have been cool, but not AS COOL as a Greek Island Cruise
Sweet relief!!

playing with our life jackets in our cabin... which was the cheapest room on the ship - the VERY bottom of the boat with no window and 1 full size bed... Phoebe and I were gonna get really close!

"I never thought I'd be on a boat... it's a big blue watery road" - T-Pain

At the safety drill in the dining hall... Phoebe and I weren't paying attention

After we set sail we immediately went for a nice layout on the deck to catch some Vitamin D

This is shaping up to be the best part of Europe EVER!!

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