Thursday, May 07, 2009

another one bites the dust...

- I have now completed 2 out of my 3 finals this semestre. It's tough writing two hand-written essays in two hours... I find that in the end my brain is fried and I have a righteous hand-cramp... no worries though, because with the essays I just wrote, I am guaranteed NOT to fail... don't get me wrong, I may pass by the lint on my sweater, but I'll pass all the same. And in the end that is all that counts.
- I have seen two movies this week in celebration - Becoming Jane (okay I've seen this one a million times, but in honor of visiting her house, I needed my dose of Tom Lefroy) and 17 Again (don't judge because I am now unashamedly crushing on Zac Efron. It was a TERRIBLE movie - I think it was even more cheesy than high school music (YES I saw all three of those too))... wow you're learning a lot about me in this post
- I realize I have less than 2.5 weeks left cumulatively in England... rest of my 6.5 weeks left will be spent in Europe.
- Hostels and Flights are completed and booked for Phoebe and mine's Europe Adventure #1!!!

ITINERARY (brief outline):
Paris - 3 days
Eurodisneyland - 2 days
Brussels - lunch
Amsterdam - 2 days
Berlin - 3 days
Prague - 2 days
Salzburg*** - 2 days
Munich - afternoon before flight back to London
*** That's right... we decided to forgo Stockholm Sweden because of high cost for the flight in favor of Salzburg and a sing along Sound Of Music Tour!!!!!

- I bought new clothes. After making all these final arrangements for Europe I realized that I needed new clothes without the holes and stains and jeans that actually fit... so I went shopping. I bought 9 tops, 1 dress, 1 pair of jeans, and 2 pairs of shorts... all for under 100GBP!!!!!!
- I got a tiny bit of a sunburn yesterday while sitting out in the quad and studying with Leonore... I had forgotten the feeling of a sunburn
- I am trying to eat slower... I realized I have become a MACHINE come meal time and finish WAY before Phoebe does... I have no idea why this started... for anyone who knows me I use to be THE slowest eater... not anymore. I am gonna try to slow down.
- I have made a list of things I need to see and do in England before I leave here... there is a lot. I am realizing that I will be unable to do EVERYTHING I want here... nothing I am not seeing is all too important that my heart is broken, but I am definitely needing to plan my remaining time here... so today is the Victoria & Albert Museum and possibly a pop into the Natural History Museum again :)
- I love it's amazing!!!
- I am devastated that Pushing Daisies is finally done... the last episode aired and now the Pie maker is out of my life forever. So sad.


Anonymous said...

Skip Euro Disney and spend the extra days in Paris, a truly magical city!!

NanAZ said...

Do you need any tips on Berlin? I know someone who grew up there?